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Report Plugins

This category contains plugins that provide additional Report functionality.



Flags of Respondents

The plugin displays respondents location as a country flag. Based on the IP address information stored by IP Address Saver form.

Heat Map

The plugin creates a matrix table based on respondents’ activity by each day of the year. Each cell has its own color from the specified frame that depends on frequency of survey submission.

Respondent Location Map Based on IP Address

The plugin automatically tracks respondent IP address, retrieve geographical location and show it on the map within the report.

Respondents Location Map based on Longitude and Latitude

The "Respondents Location (Coordinates based)" plugin is used along with the Respondent Location plugin.

Word Frequency Counter

The plugin allows to visualize collected text data in a report and see the words used the most. Two views are available for plugin results presentation - Frequencies table and Tag cloud.

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