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Word Frequency Counter

Word Frequency Counter plugin allows to visualize collected text data in a report and see the words used the most. Two views are available for plugin results presentation - Frequencies table and Tag cloud.

Design your form, create a New Report and insert the Word Frequency Counter plugin on the Plugins page. Specify the following parameters:

  1. Answer - Use Qx.Ay notation (where x stands for a question number, y stands for answer choice number within a question) to refer to the answer field in your form/survey for which the word frequencies should be calculated;

  2. Display as - Select Tag cloud or Frequency table mode to display frequencies;

  3. *Use link - confirm whether you would like the words to appear linked in plugin results;

  4. Stop words - Some words would not have statistical value in results (a, in, at etc.) so their frequencies should not be calculated and displayed. You can list suсh words in this field separated by commas. If you leave the field blank, standard English list of stop words will be used;

  5. *Position count - Specify how many words you would like to count in a cloud. If the fields is empty, 100 rows will be displayed by default.

This plugin is unable to process large volumes of data online, therefore if your online report with this plugin takes a while to load or throws an error, you can either export the results to PDF format (from the Publish page or via Schedule report delivery) or set up a Filter to limit the amount of data in your report.

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