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Respondent Registration

This plugin is used to register respondents for a form using login and password that can later be validated using the Form Authentication plugin.

To use this plugin, firstly create new survey that asks respondents for their login and password. This survey should contain Single Line type of question asking respondents to register by entering their login, password and password confirmation. Then insert following tags: <authentication/> to the question text and <login/>, <password/>, <confirm_password/> for login, password and password confirmation fields respectively.

When this is done, insert "Respondent registration" plugin to your form/survey. No parameters need to be defined.
Now you can proceed further to setup a survey or form authentication with the registration data entered here.


For correct Respondent Registration plugin behavior, it is not recommended to use the Respondent may return and modify their response rule on the survey Settingspage when this plugin is applied.

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