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Submit&Copy(Offline Only)

Submit&Copy plugin allows to create and pre-fill a new form response with a data from the response submitted previously. The plugin works only on iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

When a form response is submitted, this plugin creates a new response, pre-fills it with the specified data from the previously submitted response and opens the new response for the respondent to view.

If the plugin is applied to the form and specified parameters are correct,  "Submit&Copy" button appears on the last page of the form/survey it is applied to.

To apply this plugin to your form/survey, specify the following parameters:

  1. * Questions or answer options to copy - Specify references to questions and answer options to copy to the new form record from the previously submitted form record. Use Qx, Qx.Ay and Qx.Ay.Cz notation. Click "Quick edit" button to add all reference at once (type in each reference in a new line).

  • "Copy&Submit" plugin works only when "Allow multiple responses" form setting is selected.

  • This plugin also works with the question and answer identifiers, so you can use them instead of question and answer numbers in plugin parameters.

  • The plugin can not be applied to the form that is attached to the Task Definition.

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