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Survey Opening Validator

"Survey opening validator" plugins is used to verify if a specific respondent can open and submit your survey upon the response from the third-party application.

To apply this plugin, adjust the following parameters:

  1. *Remote URL - Indicate a third-party application URL to which the validation request will be sent using the following format:

  2. *HTTP Request Method - Select the request method which will be used to access a third-party application. It is recommended to use the POST method if the URL is very long or has some non-ASCII characters. Use GET if the target form is idempotent (usually a pure query form).

  3. *Activation Criteria - Indicate the activation criteria as a value or use regular expression. For example, ^\[0-9]$, which means that if server response is an integer from 1 to 9, it satisfies indicated expression. If a response from the remote server matches indicated criteria, the survey or form will be served to respondent. This parameter cannot be empty.

  4. *Validation Parameters - Input parameter names and values using the Param_Name=Param_value format. For instance, FF_01=Q1.A1, where FF_01 is the arbitrary unique name of the parameter you are sending data to, Q1.A1 is the parameter value which gets data from the survey question. To use send multiple parameters use the following syntax: FF_01=Qx.Ay&FF_02=Qx.Ay.Cz

  5. *Alert Message - If a response from the remote server does not match the Activation Criteria, this message will be displayed to survey or form respondent.

  6. Redirect URL - If the response from the remote server does not match the Activation Criteria, respondents will be redirected to the URL indicated here. This can be URL to any webpage or to your website.

  7. *Serve survey if remote service is down: - this parameter defines survey behavior if the remote service does not response and there is no chance to validate respondents. You can allow respondents to fill they surveys by selecting Yes. Select No to redirect them to the URL indicated in the Redirect URL parameter above.

  8. Error Message & Redirect URL - If the remote server generates an exception, you can redirect respondents to the external URL depending on the received error. Input error message that can be received from the remote server and URL to redirect respondents.


The remote server generates an exception and sends error message Error1 and you want respondents to be redirected to the  website. Thus the syntax will be as follows Error1 -> . You can add as many items as you need by clicking the Add button.

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