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Changes Allowed Message

To customize the Coming back message for your Form/Survey press the Messages>Welcome: Changes Allowed button from the ribbon toolbar.

There are two options for which you can create custom messages:

  1. Customize heading and message text if Respondent may return and modify their response rule is set on the Settingspage.

  2. Customize heading and message text if Do not allow respondent back into survey rule is set on the Settingspage.

The Edit Response message will not be displayed to respondents if:

  1. Your Form is password protected and settings are set to Respondent may return and modify their response.

  2. Your respondents to open your Form/Survey via Master URL and Settings are set to Allow multiple responses.

Click the Toggle WYSIWYG Editor button to switch between simple editing and WYSIWYG mode.

If composing in a simple mode you can use HTML. If using the WYSIWYG editor you can easily apply advanced text formatting along with inserting links and graphics to the text.

Default Click this button to reset to default message.

Preview Click this button to preview how your Edit Response message will look like.

Save Click this button to save your changes.

Back Click this button to go back to the Edit page.

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