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Cloud Migration

We're migrating FORM OpX & Key Survey to the Cloud.

FORM OpX/Key Survey will be transitioning from our Boston-based data center to the cloud hosting provided by Google Cloud Platform during the weekend of February 24th to February 25th.

This migration requires a maintenance window that is longer than our typical maintenance windows, with the expected period spanning from 1 AM EST (6 AM GMT) on February 24th until 6 PM EST (11 PM GMT) on February 25th.


Customers should expect FORM OpX/Key Survey, and the FORM mobile app to be completely unavailable for most of the day on Saturday, February 24th, with services likely being made available in stages throughout the day on Sunday, February 25th.


We will be working diligently to minimize the downtime, but we kindly request our customers to anticipate the possibility of extended outages during this weekend and prepare necessary communication for their teams. Teams may monitor product status on our Status Page. 

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