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Cordova App Migration

The Cordova application hasn't developed and will no longer be supported starting July 2023.

Therefore, all Cordova users must migrate over to the native FORM app.

This article will help you prepare to migrate from the Cordova app to FORM’s native app quickly and conveniently for you and safely for your data.

Benefit of Moving to Native FORM App

 Our native app provides a better user experience than Cordova and includes a new modern view, more intuitive and scalable data tables, improved touchscreen support, and ongoing UI/UX enhancements. 

3 Easy Steps to Migrate from Cordova App to Native FORM App 

  1. To prevent data loss, upload all data in the Cordova app before using the native app.

  2. Click on the link to download the latest version of the native app. 

  3. Log in to the native app, perform the synchronization, and start working. 

Cordova app uninstallation is not required but recommended.

Is there any Helpful Documentation about FORM'S Native App?

  • Windows Desktop help guide

We recommend reading the Windows Desktop help guide for a better app experience. 

  • Installation Parameters

Click here to read the help article about Windows Desktop Installation parameters to automate the app deployment.

  • Possible Launch Parameters 

Click here to read the help article about Windows Desktop launch parameters to configure authentication parameters.

There are no restrictions for simultaneous Cordova app and the native FORM app work. 

However, we highly recommend using only FORM native app to prevent possible data collisions (i.e., changes made in a response from both app).

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