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Edit User Profile

Workgroup's user profile can be edited by the master account only. To edit user profile click the Edit button next to subuser on the Administration > Access Levels > Manage Users page.

If you need you can change information in the following fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Company

  • Phone

  • Login

Active Select this option to grant your account access to subuser. This option is selected by default.

New Password Select this option to generate new password for subuser. Once clicked Save the new automatically generated password will be emailed to subuser.

Notify user immediately If any changes were applied to subuser profile, select this option and click Save to send an email notification about profile changes to the email address indicated in Email field.

Select Individual rights option to provide subuser with individual rights.

Select Groups option to grant a subuser rights assigned to a certain sub-users group. Once clicked, you can select a group the subuser will belong to.


Click Save to apply changes to subuser profile.

Click Cancel to undo all actions up to the last saved one.

  • The following functionality requires the purchase of a multi-access license.

  • All fields marked with * are mandatory to fill out.

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