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Hide Questions Interactively

"Hide questions interactively" plugin allows you to hide entire questions, particular answer choices or scale items in the survey or form depending on the answers given to other questions.

To apply this plugin to your form/survey, specify following parameter:

  1. *Logical Expression - Provide logical expression and questions you need to hide using the following format Qx.Ay.Cz hide Qx.Ay.Cz,
    Qx stands for question number;
    Ay stands for answer choice number within a question;
    Cz stands for column number (applicable for the Rating Scale and Matrixtypes of question).
    To create complex expression for multiple questions, use logic operators OR and AND.


Q1.A2.C3 AND Q2.A3 hide Q4.A1,Q5

This means that answer choice number one of the fourth question and entire question number five will not be displayed to respondents who rated second answer choice in question one with the third scale rating and who selected third answer choice in question two.

You can also hide questions that precede a question in the logical expression. For instance, Q10.A1 OR Q10.A2 hide Q5.A1.

It is important, that this option can be used in two cases:

  • If you prepopulate your survey or form using the Autofill feature. Thus the logical condition will be met, as soon as respondents open their form/survey and data is prepopulated.

  • If questions that must be hidden and questions that are mentioned in a logical expression reside on different pages. Thus respondent whose answers met logical expression can click the Back button and will not see particular question.


  • Questions that may be hidden by this plugin should be placed on a new page that also contains other visible questions.

  • To create multiple logical expressions, separate each expression with a new line within the Logical Expression text box.

  • Only one Hide Questions Interactively plugin is allowed per survey or form.

  • If you validated a question to be "Must answer" and this question is referenced in "Hide questions interactively" plugin at the same time, change question's validation to "Conditional must answer".

Please note, that this plugin also works with question and answer identifiers, so you can use them instead of question and answer numbers in plugin parameters.

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