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Import Form from a File

Importing a form from a CSV file has different import scenarios. Read the chapter to know how to:

  • Create a new form from scratch; 

  • Create a new form based on previously exported to CSV file:         

  • in the same user account;

  • in a different user account.

  • Fix Error messages.

The chapter also provides you with the Old importing format guide.

How to create a new form from scratch 

New importing format

When creating a form, you can devise a form structure along with the questions and answer options offline and import it via a CSV file. 

This is useful for quick importing of large forms that contain multiple questions and significantly reduces the time spent on form creation.

To import a form from a file, click the New button (available in the forms tab on your home page) to bring up the form creation dialog.

Select the Import from file option in the dialog window: 

Choose a file on your device and press Upload: 

Preparing CSV file

A line break (also known as a newline character) added within a field in a CSV file will cause the import failure.

The data in a CSV file must be structured in a certain format to recreate the required form structure. Each row after the header row corresponds to a form element (a question), and columns correspond to values that define each form element.


Some of the columns or particular column values are mandatory, and form cannot be created without them; the rest of the columns are optional and may be skipped.

The columns in the header row can be listed in no particular order, but in some cases validation rules may apply.

See the CSV file structure for more details.

After importing the form including ‘Matrix’ and ‘Check all that apply’ questions check their ‘Must answer’ validation rule as they can be broken.

Tips and tricks for a new form based on a CSV file from another user account

 If you want to re-create a form in another user account, you need to pay attention to:

  • Contact Managers;

  • Data Models;

  • Custom formats of answer options in Single line questions;

  • ID numbers.

The LOOKUPTABLE column indicates the Data Models (DM) and Contact Managers (CM) together with their ID's used.

The FORMAT column indicates the custom formats ID number.

Type of reference you want to use

What to do

Data Models or Contact manager

from another user account

Upload the file with data to create a new Data Model or Contact Manager. (See more information about the Data Models and Contact Managers creation process.) 

Go to the Edit menu of the newly created Data Model or Contact Manager. 

Look at the Edit menu link. The URL contains the ID number of Data Models or Contact Manager.

Copy the number.

Go back to the CSV file and paste the number to the LOOKUPTABLE column instead of the previous ID number.

Data Model or Contact Manager

from your own account

Go to the Data Models or Contact manager menu.

Click the Edit button.

Look at the Edit menu link. The URL contains the ID number of Data Models or Contact Manager.

Copy that number.

 Go back to the CSV file and paste the number to the LOOKUPTABLE column instead of the previous ID number.

Custom formats for Single line questions

The exported CSV file contains the ID number of the value type.

You have to delete the custom formats' ID number because the value type's ID number is saved within the original user account form.

Once you delete the ID number and import the form, all custom formats transform into General formats.

Why the system can display Error Messages and how to fix them

 Click here for details

During the form import, the system will validate the format of a CSV file and would see if the imported file can be applied. If there are any issues with the file that is being imported one or more error messages may be displayed. 

In case a CSV file contains one or more errors, the system will display an error tab. 

  1. The Errors section will show you the number of errors;

  2. To fix the errors, click the Download CSV file with errors button to download the file with errors. 

The NOTES column value corresponds to the error messages.

After you correct the errors, you can upload the correct file again.

Old importing format

The guide to the old import format is available below:

 Old Import Format

To import a form from a file, click the New button (available in the forms tab on your home page) to bring up the form creation dialog.

  • Elements









[swboh], [swbot], [swbih], [swbit]









Internal Notes

Welcome Back pages 1, 2, 3, 4 - depending on the settings applied.

Thank You page

  • Questions














Section Header

Pick One Radio Buttons

Pick One with Comment

Check All that Apply



Single-Line Text

Multiline Text

Rating Scale


Numeric Allocation

  • Question Setting







Put a question on a new page

Hide a question

Make a question mandatory to answer (Must Answer)

Create an alert if a question is skipped (Skip with alert)

  • Answer Settings







Answer option

'Other' answer if applicable

'Comment' answer if applicable

Column - is used for Rating Scale and Matrix question types

The tag value must be indicated next to the tag without spaces. Each survey element tag must be in a new row. Some tags such as Must Answer that define survey elements settings must be placed next to the tags they refer to.

If you wish to create a Linear form, create a template survey by importing the file first and then use Add/Copy question from another Form/Survey feature to insert questions from the template into your Linear form.

 Let's take a look at the following example:

The .CSV file for the form/survey import consists of the following:

[sname]Customer Satisfaction   Survey - January 2012
[stitle]Customer Satisfaction   Survey
[sdesc]Please welcome to participate in our   survey!
[snotes]Notes for internal purposes. Please update with the appropriate data if necessary.
[sheader]January 2012
[sfooter]All rights reserved
[styp]Thank You for participation.
[qsh]Please fill in the following questions section
[qpooo][h]Have you had a problem with your policy within the last year?
[qpowc][p][ma]Overall, I am satisfied with the manner in which your company handled my problem or complaint.
[a]Strongly Agree
[a]Neither Agree nor Disagree
[a]Strongly Disagree
[a]Not Applicable
[ac]Please comment on your choice
[qcata][p][h]What types of coverage do you have?
[a]Whole Life
[a]Term Life
[a]Universal Life
[a]Disability Insurance
[a]Variable Life
[a]Health Insurance
[qdd][p]How often have you visited our website?
[a]Less than 10 times
[a]More than 10 times
[qlb][swa]How did you learn about our website?
[a]Advertisement on radio or television
[a]Advertisement in the PPC network
[a]Conference or trade show
[a]Informational email or newsletter
[a]Link from another site
[a]Recommendation from a colleague
[qsl][p]Personal Details
[qml]Please leave additional comments if any:
[qrd]Overall, how satisfied are you with:

Please click HERE to preview the survey created upon importing the file with the data listed above.

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