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Line Chart

This type of chart displays series of data points connected by straight line segments. Each data point on the line represents a calculated value and multiple lines represent either multiple dimensions or values, depending on the chart settings. The Line chart is best suited for displaying data trends over a period of time.

To create a Line chart, add values and dimensions from the Data Source tab by dragging and dropping them to the corresponding fields of the Edit Chart Panel:

Values and Dimensions Settings

  • The Line Chart a maximum number of data points is limited to 10 000 unique values.

  • The Line Chart is limited to either multiple values with one dimension or 1 value with 2 dimensions.

The Line Chart supports the following combinations of Values and Dimensions (Show by):

Number of 

Number of 


Line Chart Example



One point is drawn



One point is drawn for each value



The dimension is used to generate the X axis
A separate colored line is generated for every value
The values are listed in the chart legend



The first dimension is used to generate the X axis.
The second dimension is used to generate multiple colored lines: one for every dimension point,
with the names of dimension points displayed in the chart legend.

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