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Matrix Calculations

Matrix calculations plugin is used to calculate column and row total scores for the Matrix questions. Row and column total scores will be calculated only for the open-ended fields in the question.

  •  Add an additional scale element and answer option to store Totals for rows and columns. 

  • Then insert Matrix calculations plugin and adjust the following parameters:

  1. Question - Reference to a question for calculating totals using the Qx notation.

  2. Formula - Select the statistics to calculate the score, which can be Sum or Average.

  3. Calculate - Select whether you want to calculate totals for rows, columns or both.

  • After the plugin is applied, the total sum of the rows, columns or both will be automatically calculated. 

If you fill the Matrix cells by the Set Value, the calculation will not be implemented automatically. You need to focus on the field to make the calculation done.

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