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Matrix scale customization

You can change the headings and format of scale in the Matrix question type. 

Use this setting to set the format for answer options. Once you have set the format, a respondent will not be able to enter an answer in a different format.

How to customize scale

There are 2 ways to create new or edit existing scale:

1.Hover over a column header of a scale that you want to change.

2. Click the Customize button in the right panel

2. Click the Customize button in the right panel 

Click the Edit button to change the scale name or format or click the New scale to create a new scale on the Customize scale page.

On the Customize scale page, you can change the following: 

1. Specify the number of columns using Please select number of columns in the scale dropdown box.
2. Name scale headings or edit existing. Note that you can use no more than 300 characters for scale headings.
3. Click the Format Column button to change the format of question's columns.

  • You will not be able to change the scale if there is at least 1 response available to the question.

  • You can add up to 12 scale elements in a Matrix type question.

  • If the text is long, do not forget to insert line breaks using the enter or return key.

  • You can use HTML tags in scale headings or edit appropriate CSS parameters (H7, H8, H9, H12-21) on the Survey Layout page to change scale headings style.

  • You are not allowed to delete scale that is already in use within other questions or forms.

How to change the scale format 

The established format will limit respondent's answers by the selected format. 

By default your question elements will be of General format that correspond to the Single-Line type of question answer choices.

Once you click the Format Column (3) button, you can adjust the following settings:

  1. You can either keep the same format for all columns (scale) or set a format for each column (scale) separately;

  2. Specify the format of your cells using the Column format drop-down box. 

3. Click the Customize button to create your own format. Click here for more details.

4. If the respondent uses the Mobile Application to fill out the form, you can check the Mobile numeric keyboard box for their convenience. Only a numeric keyboard will be shown for answer input.

Click the Save to save changes.

Each cell of the Matrix question displays an icon that represents the column formatting for your convenience. The icons are not visible for respondents.

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