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Media Library

Media Library allows you to store files that could be added to your form and report items. It was designed to make it easier for you to upload, save, access, and use stored files any time needed.

How to get access to the Media Library 

1. Upload an image as a Logo for a form;

2. Add image for an answer option or click on Insert image on the WYSIWYG editor; 

3. Click the My Account -> Media Library.

List of files that can be stored in Media Library:

To minimize the risk of viruses and other malicious software being uploaded to our system, we are restricting the types of files that may be uploaded to the Media Library:

jpg, png, gif, pdf, bmp, svg, ttf, eot, woff, woff2, jpeg, docx, tif, csv, mp4, zip, doc, eps, mp3, xlsx, tiff, xls, pptx, ico, wmv, psd, txt, ics, msi, ai, otf, mov, ppt, wav, msg, rar, wma, wmf, xcf, emf, oxps, jfif, xml, xlsm, m4v, pub, rtf, ipa, pdn, ini, avi, webm, php, thmx, xlsb, pspimage, css.


How to add and manage items in the Media Library?

To add a file to your Media Library click on the Upload button and select it on your computer. Once you choose a file, it will be uploaded right away. On the left pane of the library you can see all folders created in it. You can easily create more folders, rename them or delete by selecting and clicking on respective button above to keep your Media Library organized. Once you have uploaded a file to your Media Library, you can see its characteristics displayed on the third pane. From this pane you can edit the file name by simple clicking on the current name, editing it and hitting on the checkmark.

Why don't I have an access to the Media Library?

If your account is Multi-access or Multi-user type and you are not its administrator, you can be limited in access rights. If so, please contact your local account administrator to request rights for accessing and managing Media Library.

How many images could be stored in the Media Library?

You can store as many files there as Library's size allows. On the bottom left of the Media Library window a detailed statistics of used and free space is displayed so you could easily control the storage use.

  • mages that were uploaded in your form or report items before you started to use Media Library will not appear in it automatically.

  • Default size of your library is set to 10 Mb but can be easily increased per request to your account representative.

  • You cannot delete an image from Media library if it is used in any of your forms.

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