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Quota with Redirect

"Quota with redirect" plugin allows setting complex quota to your form/survey based on the respondents' answers. If exceed this quota your respondents can be redirected to the different survey or external Web page upon submit.

  1. *Quota Criteria - Indicate quota criteria using Qx.Ay.Cz format, where:
    Qx stands for question number;
    Ay stands for answer choice number within a question;
    Cz stands for column number (applicable for the Rating Scale and Matrixtypes of question).
    You can insert complex expressions using logic operators OR and AND. This mean that respondents whose answers correspond to the indicated expression meet quota criteria. For more details on expression syntax consult the Advanced Logic help chapter.

  2. *Quota Amount - Indicate number of respondents in quota. When this number is reached next following respondents will be redirected to the URL indicated within the next parameter.

  3. *Redirect URL - Insert URL to redirect respondents when quota is exceeded. This can be link to survey, form or any external Web page.

  4. *Redirect on - If your survey or form has more than one page, you can redirect respondents whose answers meet indicated criteria but exceed quota. They can be redirected by clicking the Next button when navigating to the next page. They can also be redirected upon they click the Submit button at the end of the survey or form. "Next and Submit" option allows to redirect respondents by clicking either Next or Submit button if quota was exceeded. Choose appropriate option from this dropdown box.

Over quota responses will have "In Progress" status if "Redirect on Next" option was selected. "Redirect on Submit" option selection assumes that over quota responses will be submitted and included in the reporting.

  1. Please note, that this plugin also works with question and answer identifiers, so you can use them instead of question and answer numbers in plugin parameters.

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