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Thank You

You can use the Thank You message to say thanks but also it can be a convenient way to provide your respondents with some last-minute tips or info. 

To add the Thank You page to the end of your Form press the Messages > Thank You option from the ribbon toolbar of the Edit page, and then: The

  1. Type the text of your message in the text field. When designing a Thank You Page, you can use Piping and HTML coding.

  2. Click Preview to see how your Thank You Page looks.

  3. Click Clear if you want to remove all the text from the text field.

Click the Toggle WYSIWYG Editor button to switch between simple editing and WYSIWYG mode.

If composing in a simple mode you can use HTML .

If using the WYSIWYG editor you can easily apply advanced text formatting along with inserting links and graphics to the text.

Click the Save button to save your Thank You note and return to the Edit Questions page.

Click Cancel to go back to the Edit Questions page without saving changes.

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