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Add New User

To add a subuser to your multi-access account you need to login to the administration account of your workgroup and follow these steps:

  1. At the top of your account click Administration tab.

  2. Click the New User button from the Users table menu.

  3. Provide personal information on the New User page.

  • Click Cancel to empty all the form fields.

  • All fields marked with * are mandatory to fil out.

  • When added, system will send an automated email to the address indicated in the Email field. 

The letter will have the following content:

Your administrator has granted you an access to her account. Listed below is the information in your profile.

4. Click Save to submit new subuser information and add new user to your workgroup.

 After you have added a new subuser, you can edit his profile, using the master account. For more info, visit Edit User Profile page.

  • The following functionality requires the purchase of a multi-access license.

  • The number of subusers who can be added to your workgroup cannot exceed your user license limit.

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