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Common-Password Survey

The Teacher/Student survey: this advanced feature allows you to create a teacher Profile Survey that is linked (through a shared, unique Profile Code) to multiple student surveys (Profile Records).

With this type of survey, only those respondents (students), who have the proper Profile Code (password), can take the survey.

To take advantage of this option you need to:

  1.  Create a profile survey.

    1. From the Surveys Home page click the New button and select Common-password survey.

    2. Name your survey and add a question that asks for profile information.

    3. Continue with a standard design survey procedure.

  2.  Add your profile records.

    There are two ways to add profile records to your survey: you can launch your survey in a regular way and have your respondents to submit the information; or you can add profile records manually. 

    1. From the Survey Information pane in the right on the Surveys Home page click the Add profile record link.

    2. Fill in the profile information and click Submit.

    3. Customize the automatically generated profile code if desired. This is the code respondents use to access the shared survey.

    4. Click Save to close the survey and repeat steps above to create another profile record.

  3.  Link your surveys.

When you have added profile records, you can click on the View profile records link to manage them on the Common-Password Survey page.

  • Show details Select the check box to see details of profile records. If the box is unchecked, you will see only the list of profile codes.

  • Profile code A unique combination of characters which is used to link other surveys on your account to this profile site. Click it to edit the code. The profile code is case-sensitive.

  • Edit icon Click here to edit corresponding profile record.

  • Click Delete to delete corresponding profile record.

  • Back button takes you back to the previous page.

 You can set the limit on the number of respondents who access the survey using the same profile code. If the respondent does not meet the limit condition, the access will be denied after entering the profile code.

To use this option, follow the steps below:

  1. In the profile survey edit the question of Single line type or add the new one.

  2. Enter the tag <max_students_count/> in any 'Write label for each line' single line text field.

  3. When adding profile records specify in the above-mentioned field the number of maximum respondents allowed.

  • Linear forms (Surveys with Enhanced Offline Support) and Custom Forms cannot be linked to the Profile Survey.

  • The 3D Matrix questions cannot be created in this type of survey. To collect profile information such as name, email address, telephone number, etc., we suggest using the Single line text with pre-format options question type.

  • Logical transitions are not available for this type of survey.

  • Profile code is case sensitive.

  • Profile code is not exported along when Student survey is exported to format compatible with Upload Responses. In order to have respondents connected properly Single Line or Multiline field should be added to survey to upload to and a column for it in CSV file for uploading.

  • The Select answer order option available for certain question types is not available for the common-password surveys.

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