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Name editing

The name editing area contains three options and allows to edit survey name, title and introduction.

Edit option allows you to edit Form's name, title to display, introduction and Notes.

  1. The Name is used to identify your survey from the list under your Surveys, Forms or Reports, and therefore must be unique. If no Title is specified, form name will also appear at the top of the online form on each page and will be displayed to respondents.

  2. The Title appears at the top of the Form/Survey on each page. If the field is empty the form name will be used instead of the title.

  3. The Introduction text will only appear on the first  page of the Form/Survey. You can extend a warm invitation to respondents to participate. You can also explain what is the purpose of the survey, how the information will be used, or simply tell the respondents how valuable and important their contribution is. To apply additional design to your survey introduction use the WYSIWYG editor or switch to the plain mode for HTML formatting. Consult HTML Guide for details.

  4. Notes Use this field to make short notes about the survey. These notes will not be displayed to respondents and will be used for internal purposes only, they will appear under the form name on the home page to help you easily differentiate between forms.

 Click Save to save your work.

View the details from your form's Name page by clicking the + icon. To make changes to any of these items in real-time mode, click on the appropriate field. To go the Name page click the Edit button.

 Add Logo button takes you to the Add Logo page where you can add logo to your form, upload another logo or remove it. For details please consult the Add Logo help chapter.

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