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Tasks on the Calendar at Online Portal

Instead of the traditional Cards and Table format, tasks are now displayed on a Calendar, which offers a more dynamic and visual approach for task management.

Click to the ‘Calendar’ tab in the right top corner to open the Calendar.

Calendar. Month.Weekends ON (1).png

The Calendar layout is available for the Task Definitions where the Admin set up the Due date.

Different views will be available:

  • Month View: Provides an overview of tasks for the entire month;

  • Week View: Zooms in to show tasks for a specific week - coming soon;

  • Day View: Focuses on tasks for a single day - coming soon.

This visual representation allows users to quickly grasp their task distribution across time.

Task Arrangement

  • Tasks are organized based on their Due Date. The calendar layout makes it easy to identify when tasks are due.

  • By default, the Weekend is visible in the calendar view. However, you have the option to hide it by unchecking the tick in the Calendar header.

  • This new mode enhances task management by combining visual cues with flexibility: you can narrow your search by implementing the ‘Due Date’ and ‘Assign Date’ advanced filters.

The period chosen for the Due date will be highlighted in beige, the period for the Assign date in your brand color.

  • Only the task title is displayed. You can hover over a task to see its Assignee and Task Definition. Clicking on a task opens Task details, providing comprehensive information about the task, such as description, status, and associated notes.

  • The tasks can be differentiated visually based on their statuses:

    • Overdue tasks are highlighted with a red color line on the left side.

    • Completed tasks are marked with a green color line on the left.

    • Tasks that are currently in progress are differentiated using your brand color.

  • If there are more than 5 tasks for a day, you can see the whole list by clicking on ‘N more …’ at the top of the day cell.

  • You can drag and drop a task to different days within the calendar to update its due date.

We greatly appreciate receiving your feedback. Kindly take a moment to participate in a brief survey where you can share your insights regarding this new Tasks view.

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