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Task Management

The Task Management functionality allows you to review the list of task definitions in your account, filter them, and create filters to access saved filtered lists quickly. It also allows to review task history, create/edit/delete tasks, change their statuses and due dates, reassign tasks, and delete batches of tasks.

Go to the Tasks tab and click on the Task Management.

The table below presents helpful articles that will help you know how to manage tasks. Management functionality.



Task Management Panels

Task management page is divided into 3 panels. Click on each part for more information.

Task Import

The Import Tasks feature provides the possibility of creating, assigning and setting the completion due date of multiple tasks (one task per row in the file), as well as pre-populating the fields of the selected Form with the Task details.  There is a specific file structure you should use for the system to read the data from the file correctly.

Task Export

You can export your tasks to your device from the Online Portal using the table tasks view. Tasks are exported in the xls format. 

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