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Capture Time Spent on Page

This plugin allows capturing the number of seconds the respondent spends on every page of the form.

The plugin doesn't accept the Question Identifiers as the Question Reference.

To set up the plugin, specify 1 parameter:

Save time to* - Specify a Qx reference to the question where the time must be saved.

  • The plugin must be applied to the Single Line text question with as many answer options as there are pages in the form.

  • The plugin will automatically hide this question during voting, so you do not need to hide it manually via Show/HideLogic or Hide checkbox next to the question.

  • If your form contains logic, the time will not be recorded for the skipped pages. For example, if there are 5 pages in your form, and respondent skipped the second page, the time will be recorded for the remaining 4 pages in the first 4 fields of the Single line question.

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