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Tags for Adding the Unsubscribe Option

You can also allow your respondents to unsubscribe from receiving invitations or reminder messages to take the same survey in future. To do it, you need to use the following tags in square brackets [ ] within your email body text.


Use the token [REMOVE] within your email body text. This token will be replaced with the following hyperlinked text: Remove from list. If respondents click this link, their email addresses will be automatically added to the Opt-out list for this specific survey. The list of all respondents who have unsubscribed from the survey can be found on the Opt-outs tab of the Status Report, which can be downloaded from the Manage Responses page of your survey. 

  • The respondents whose links were removed from the form email list in such away, can still use links from the invitation email to take the form.

  • When a form is launched using the Allow duplicate email addressesoption in Format Data File settings, the use of the Remove from list link by the respondent will opt-out the unique code rather than the email address itself. This makes it possible to send another invitation from the same form to the same email address using a different unique code.

  1. If a form has been launched to the contacts from the Contact Manager the two options will be suggested to the survey participants: to unsubscribe from any further survey invitations from this sender;

  2. to unsubscribe from receiving any further invites or reminders for this specific survey only. If a survey participant selected the first option their status in the Contact Manager response statistics table will be changed to Opt-Out, otherwise, the status will not be changed.


This tag inserts a linked unsubscribe URL instead of the hyperlinked message. Functionality remains the same as in the [REMOVE] tag (see above).

[REMOVE_URL_text] Tag

This tag inserts a not linked unsubscribe URL text instead of the hyperlinked message. Functionality remains the same as in [REMOVE] tag (see above).

[REMOVE lang="xx"] Tag

Insert this tag to show the unsubscribe message in the specific language. Functionality remains the same as in [REMOVE] tag (see above).

The list of available languages can be found here.

[REMOVE text="xx"] Tag

Use this tag to customize the unsubscribe message for your respondents. This tag is replaced with a hyperlinked text you specified. Functionality remains the same as in [REMOVE] tag (see above).

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