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Task Workflow

The Task Workflow plugin enables you to deploy a form on Participant Portal for a given user when the current survey/form is submitted.

To apply this plugin adjust the following parameters:

  1. * Task definition - Task definition which will be used to create task

  2. * Task summary - Task name may include question references like [Q1.A1] which will be substituted by real answers.

  3. Task description - Task description may include question references like [Q1.A1] which will be substituted by real answers. This field is limited to 2,000 characters.

  4. Condition for Execution - Specify logical expression for conditional plugin execution. If you leave the field empty, tasks will be created unconditionally upon form submission.

  5. *Task assignee Reference - Enter an answer field reference in Qx.Ay notaion to specify the Contact ID of the Task Assignee.

  6. Due date reference - Enter an answer field reference in Qx.Ay notation to specify the Task Due Date.

  7. Assignor Reference - Enter an answer field reference in Qx.Ay notation to specify the Assignor ID.

  8. Execute on Repeat Submissions - Select whether to allow or prohibit plugin execution on form/survey re-submission. When allowed, a new task can be created each time the same respondent resubmits the form, subject to the condition for execution. When prohibited, a new task can be created only once upon first submission, if the execution condition is met.

  9. Plugin ID - If you set up multiple instances of the Task Workflow plugins in the same form and if for at least one of them the "Execute on Repeat Submissions" parameter is set to "Prohibited", please specify a unique Plugin ID number for each plugin with the "Prohibited" setting. You can leave Plugin ID field empty if there is only 1 Task Workflow plugin, or if "Execute on Repeat Submissions" is set to "Allowed".

  10. Form Autofill Reference - Specify question references to autofill the form attached to a task. Use following format: Qx=Qy or Qx.Ay=Qz.Ac.

  • Parameters marked with * are required.

  • Please NOTE that questions you are sending data from and to must have the same structure, including Sub header references.

  • Autocomplete function allows you faster and easier insert questions references. After entering Q or Qx.A system will show you the list of available questions or answer options. Picked element will be substituted by its sequence number within the survey.

  • Question references can be edited in Quick Edit box.

  • It is possible to pass files uploaded by respondents from one form to another. To do this, simply reference to a "File upload" question type and the file uploaded in the original survey will be available for downloading in destination survey.

  • It is possible to send the data to the task in another account. It requires the ‘Allow creating an item in another account’ right for both accounts. You will see the note that the entered ID belongs to another account. The same time the ID of the form-source linked with the Task definition should be added to the target form Settings.

Please note, that this plugin also works with question and answer identifiers, so you can use them instead of question and answer numbers in plugin parameters.

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